Solutions For Museums

The platform Acrodis Museum presents the only solution for the support of all museum functions on a fundamentally new technical level. All the components of the platform are integrated with one another, which allows the minimization of the use of various applications and lowers the general expenditure for the automization and management of the following tasks :

  1. The organization of a virtual museum, such as within the framework of the museum’s website as well as on its territory – «Acrodis Museum»:
    • Virtual exhibits – full information about exhibit items, themes, people and places: descriptions, photo, video and 3D imaging
    • Thematic coordination – audio, video and sound
    • Systems of communication with the visitors, the formation of museum societies, the receipt of information about interests and preferences, with the ability to inform visitors about new exhibits and the expansion of the museum’s collections on themes which have been marked as interesting, attracting repeat visitors.
    • Unique communication solutions «My Museum»,uniting real and virtual exhibits and allowing visitors to the museum or site to receive the maximum volume of information, create their own collection (in audio, video and text formats) from the items and exhibit areas which they liked the best – both in physical exhibitions and on the internet, with the possibility to share information about the museum with their friends and on social networks.
  2. Internal systems of work organization – within the protected local network of the museum with the possibility of remote connection of workers and filials through the internet :
    • Planning of museum functions – schedules of exhibits and professional events: time, themes, where the event took place, participating employees and outside partners
    • Control of running events: schedule by department and by employees, tracking of locational conflicts and conflicts of resource allocation
    • Communication and exchange of documents, including the option of limited publication of methodological materials for outside guides and partners: internal workflow, integrated forms of communication and professional forum
    • Financial reporting by key indicators, including financial reports to the Ministry of Culture (approved form of accounts) with data about the number of visitors (with divisions by groups), items on display, publications, interviews and much more. (

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