The Anna Akhmatova Museum at the Fountain House


Creating a special light and sound environment in the memorial part of the museum that is being altered.

What is was

A static exhibition with use of memorial items recreating the memorial apartment.

What it is now

A 3D sound collection fills the museum with sounds of Anna Akhmatova’s time, and the light emphasizes the most important parts of the exposition.


Requirements to preservation of a historical monument; not possible to mount equipment and communications in the open.


Preliminary hidden laying of all routes and communications at the stage of restoration with an extra level of backup capacities.

Wireless exhibit control implemented; museum keepers can manage any part of the exposition at any time during tours or events.

Single-point, scenario, and scheduled control.

The Hague, Netherlands

+31 (70) 217-0109

Moscow, Russia

+7 (499) 677-5164

Saint Petersburg, Russia

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