The Ice Hockey Museum, Moscow


Creation of a modern unique world-class museum.

The creation of the museum is part of the first stage of work on a modern sport space on an area of 45 hectares.

The concept is ready, and project design is in process.


The building (3,500) is a cultural heritage object, which means restrictions for construction and adaptation.


A single exhibit control system (Acrodis-Museum) and control of content and technical parameters of all the exhibition equipment are being implemented.

Unique interactive solutions.

Visitors are given an interactive ticket, which is a universal ‘passport’ to all the interactive and information spaces of the museum.

A virtual museum is established on the Internet with integration of mobile applications and personal offices of visitors for direct communication with the museum.


The Hague, Netherlands

+31 (70) 217-0109

Moscow, Russia

+7 (499) 677-5164

Saint Petersburg, Russia

+7 (812) 244-9164