State Museum of the Political History of Russia


Comprehensive alteration of the central part of the exposition based on a modernization scientific and museum concept.

What is was

An obsolete format of information presentation. No common concept of information presentation, chronological separation by rooms.

What it is now

An emotional and artistic presentation of historical stories. An exciting journey of the history of the Russian Empire, USSR, and Russia with the most advanced technologies of total installation including audio, video, and interactive information units.


Difficulty to interpret historical data and strict limitations of the museum building, which is a historical monument.


Total installation with built-in interactive units. Transparent spacing for convenient free movement of visitors.

Interactive data terminals in a common atrium space with descriptions and photo and video illustrations for materials of the central exposition and temporary exhibitions.


The Hague, Netherlands

+31 (70) 217-0109

Moscow, Russia

+7 (499) 677-5164

Saint Petersburg, Russia

+7 (812) 244-9164